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The MAGERP CRM integration with the CMS will allow managers to work with orders directly from the system. You can go straight to manage the web-site or online store from the system, transact each order for sale, and, accordingly, increase the quantity of repeat sales due to quick response to orders and efficient customer service.


By connecting an unlimited number of web-sites and online stores to the CRM, you will be able directly from the system to:

  • Promptly receive, process and respond to customer orders and appeals.
  • Keep records of stock balances in the warehouse and supplement stocks in time.
  • Manage content info on the web-site downloading new price lists, product cards, descriptions and photos, thereby providing the user with only up-to-date information.
  • Conduct detailed sales analytics and learn at what stage the business is not efficient.
  • Maintain a unified database, where all information about orders, calls, accesses and meetings will be available for each customer.

In addition, you can connect several web-sites to the CRM system. The orderliness of all orders, customers and objectives in the CRM system will allow managers to work more efficiently, make resales and increase business profits.


Integration of the CRM system with the web-site is not only a way to reduce the time for customer service, but also it’s the ability to improve sales management, making each customer from potential to regular. There are several reasons for this:

  • The manager always has up-to-date information on each customer in the CRM system. Such information can be quickly viewed through when there is a call from the web-site or appeal in the online store and immediately understand which approach to the customer has to be chosen, and what offer to make.
  • All requests enter directly into the CRM system, and accordingly you can operatively manage the warehouse and balances, control the number of applications and analyze the effectiveness of the web-site or online store.
  • The access rights to the system are flexible. Depending on the user degree, function of the manager and his status, you can limit or, on the contrary, open access to certain data.

The MAGERP company offers you not only to integrate your web-site with CRM system, but also it carries out all settings for the most comfortable scenario for you, trains and instructs employees of the company and promptly answers all your questions.

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