One of the main advantage of the MAGERP CRM system is the synchronization with the "1C" accounting program. The functional allows you to set up as one-way communication, data sending from the CRM to "1C" and in the reverse order, and two-way synchronization, where data exchange is performed in two directions at once. Thus, employees of the company can work only in the CRM system not duplicating data for two programs and rationally using the working time.

Thanks to synchronization, all accounting transactions can be performed in the CRM system and sent to "1C". At the same time, working in the MAGERP CRM, all information about the product receipt, warehouse balances, accounts, new counterparties and other transactions will be received from "1C". If necessary, you can integrate warehouse and accounting to the module.


Synchronization of the MAGERP CRM with the program "1C" has the following advantages:

  • You can download documents just in one program, and they automatically, without participation of employees, will be duplicated in another one.
  • There is an opportunity to save on licensed products "1C" working just in the CRM system.
  • Data exchange is fully automated and is carried out according to the specified time, without user participation. So you can set the time, and once per hour, per day, etc. information from the accounting program will be received by the CRM system and vice versa.
  • Online data capture from "1C" from anywhere in the world thanks to web-access to the CRM system.

The user, buying the CRM MAGERP, receives all the advantages of using the system, namely databases, automated business processes, flexibly customizable graphs, tables and modules, operational reports and so on. Now, when there is a possibility of synchronization with "1C", there are more opportunities, and less time is required.


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