Module warehouse

The capabilities of the inventory accounting module

Own Internet warehouse with an intuitive interface, the program is designed to automate warehouse operations and account balances in the warehouse at all stages from posting to shipping products to the customer.

You can create a virtual warehouse with virtual balances linked to suppliers.

The possibility of linking the warehouse sites, 1C 8 UTP and UT configuration (with any 1C in which the service has the item "data exchange with the website" or with any other warehouse program that has the ability to connect.

Nomenclature of the entire product with a quick search



Universal import with customizable templates, sheet price aggregator will help you create your own unique nomenclature, import goods and remainders of suppliers.

Import is done using an XLS file.

The system can compare the prices of the suppliers at the time of import and display the lowest price in the price list, and, at the time of import, you can make a fixed mark-up in percentage.

To fully automate the warehouse we can write for your business robots for filling products with descriptions, parsing prices, automatic availability control.



In this module you can do, Shipments, Receipts, Withdrawals, based on the shipment, you can generate invoice.



You can download the entire stock list with the remains and description.

For additional attraction of clients use additional Internet platforms (marketplace). To do this, create accounts on the sites of and Hot-line and connect the warehouse to them. All categories and goods will be displayed according to the hierarchy of goods in the warehouse. The presence and the rest of the goods are displayed automatically. The synchronization frequency is set individually.

The warehouse can be connected to any number of sites, landings and online stores.

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